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             Changshu Tongrun Switchgear Factory Co., Ltd. locates in beautiful landscape of national cultural and historical city- Changshu of Jiangsu Province, with convenient traffic, and Changshu City exit on the highway along the Yangtze River is near the company. She is against Shanghai in east, adjacent to Suzhou in south, bound with Wuxi in west and facing with Yangtze River in the north across the river opposite Nantong.
              The company is the member enterprise of Jiangsu Tongrun (002150) established in 2001. The company covers an area of 83000M2 and building area of 32800M2 with registered capital of RMB 77,150,000 Yuan and fixed assets of RMB 65,000,000 Yuan. At present, the company has employees more than 700, and specialized technical personnel of various kinds more than 120. Now the company possesses strong research and development institution and lab which is awarded the title “Municipal Enterprises Technology Center” in Suzhou.
              The company is the professional manufacturer of breaker, producing various types of breakers of high pressure and low pressure, including TRW1 series universal circuit breaker, TRM1 Series Molded Case Circuit Breaker, TRVS1-12-24kV indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, and JN16-12/31.5 indoor high-voltage earthing switches. The products have been successfully applied to: electric system including electric power plant and power supply bureau; docks and harbors, paper making factory, chemical plants, steel plants, as well as the airport, stadium, star hotels and others.
              The company has first-class production equipment and technical equipment: universal circuit breaker assembly testing line to achieve the assembling, testing and checking of TRW1 series intelligent universal circuit breaker; VS1 assembly testing line to achieve assembling , testing and checking of VS1 series high voltage vacuum circuit breaker; having advanced testing center;the Japanese Komatsu sheet metal processing center (FMC), Komatsu CNC turret punch press, Komatsu, and Murata CNC shearing machines and bending machines, and the German Doyle companys CNC busbar punching and bending machine, the bunjin3015 type in Bystronic of gantry type of high precision laser cutting machines, Salvagnini compact plate material multilateral bend center PERformERabt and others to ensure the quality of product. 
              The products of company in 2004 obtained the reputation of “Jiangsu famous brand”; established perfect quality management system (ISO9001); all the low pressure products of company have their own 3C certificates; the credit rating of company for many years is AAA level; the company has implemented ERP management to stably improve managerial level; the company is striving for electrical manufacturing enterprise who has advanced technology, creates superior quality with advanced management.

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      CHANGSHU TONGRUN SWITCHGEAR FACTORY Tel:0512-52599790 Fax:0512-52599790 E-mail:cstrkg@126.com
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